Kennel of Great Danes "Du Paradis des Edelweiss"


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The" Paradis des Edelweiss" and more... 


 Females faw, brinddle, harlequins and black


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Female Black

Cajolyne du Paradis des Edelweiss

Armageddon de Shandarah

Tattou des Terres Axonaises


Female Black

Delweiss du Paradis des Edelweiss


Bamb'Houla du Paradis des Edelweiss

Brume du Domaine du Rupt de Mad


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What is a LOF or Pedigree?

With the purchase of the dog, we give you a birth certificate on it, you'll find the name, kennel name, and number of LOF (French studlook), father, mother, but also great and great- grandparents. This birth certificate will not take the place of final pedigree, which will be established when the dog reaches the age for his race, meet a comfirmatory examination.

The final pedigree is required for the future descendants in their turn can obtain a birth certificate. This certificate will have to follow your dog, even if it changes ownership.Confirmation can be made from 12 or 18 months according to race. Your dog will be brought before a judge who will confirm that it is free from defects.Several criteria are taken into account by the judge, morphology, size, color, teeth, etc. ...

Age confirmation: From 12 months.

During the examinator, the owner shall present to the expert the printed confirmation, and the birth certificate (LOF) and the dog's registration card.

In the case of a positive assessment, the owner send the CSC folder comprising:

- The printed confirmation

- The original birth certificate or temporary pedigree;

- The amount of fees (fees in respect of the offspring and establishment of the pedigree: 23 €).

SCC acknowledges receipt of the shipment, open the folder, check the parts, send the certificate to the club concerned shall register LOF and establishes the pedigree, she sent the owner of the dog in a period of 8 to 10 weeks.

In case of denial of confirmation, the owner may, within two months to appeal the ruling to the SCC. After posting bail, he must resubmit his dog before an appellate panel of three experts including one chosen by him.


Welcome on our website devoted to the Great Danes of the ‘’Paradis des Edelweiss’’ and elsewhere. The ‘’Paradis des Edelweiss’’ is a small animal husbandry of Great Danes for company or exhibitions. All our Great Danes are high descendants and inscribed at L.O.F.  We prefere quality to quantity, raise and to socialize our Great Danes puppies with love and passion and giving advice and monitoring are part of our commitments. We raise black Great Danes, Great Danes harlequins, grey Great Danes black mottled (also called Great Danes  Merle), fawn Great Danes and of Great brinddle Danes. All our Great Danes females and all our productive Great Danes are inscribed and confirmed by the L.O.F. You will find our grey Great Danes on our website on numerous photographs even as our black Great Danes, our Great Danes harlequins, and the black mottled (also called Great Danes Merle), our Great brinddle Danes. And even more, we also offer you galleries of photographs with the best of our Great Danes with their pups, and Great Danes mixed with other races, and also our Great Danes pups available... On the pages " Great Danes " and “productive Great Danes males” you’ll find a representation of the pedigrees of each of our Great Danes. All our black Great Danes, Great Danes harlequins, fawn Great Danes and Geat brinddles Danes are available for projection. You can also visit our page " links to Great Danes” where you will find contact informations of other stockbreeders of Great Danes in France, but also stockbreeders of Great Danes in Europe and stockbreeders of Great Danes worldwide.

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