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We answer all our mails, it can unusually happen that a mail doesn’t reach us. If you haven’t got an answer under 48 h, do not hesitate to phone us.

When our puppies leave the farm, they have:

- a health record, vaccinations up to date, a tattoo card or contract farming, an entry in the French origins (LOF)

- at the age of three months all our puppies receive the rabies vaccine (rabies) which allows them to enjoy a "Passeport International"

- a booklet with comprehensive description puppy of the breed, standard compliance, boards of education, nutrition and health, confirmation from...

- and the lil'more...Photo CD of the full scope of the day of birth until the start of your puppy!


Welcome on our website devoted to the Great Danes of the ‘’Paradis des Edelweiss’’ and elsewhere. The ‘’Paradis des Edelweiss’’ is a small animal husbandry of Great Danes for company or exhibitions. All our Great Danes are high descendants and inscribed at L.O.F.  We prefere quality to quantity, raise and to socialize our Great Danes puppies with love and passion and giving advice and monitoring are part of our commitments. We raise black Great Danes, Great Danes harlequins, grey Great Danes black mottled (also called Great Danes  Merle), fawn Great Danes and of Great brinddle Danes. All our Great Danes females and all our productive Great Danes are inscribed and confirmed by the L.O.F. You will find our grey Great Danes on our website on numerous photographs even as our black Great Danes, our Great Danes harlequins, and the black mottled (also called Great Danes Merle), our Great brinddle Danes. And even more, we also offer you galleries of photographs with the best of our Great Danes with their pups, and Great Danes mixed with other races, and also our Great Danes pups available... On the pages " Great Danes " and “productive Great Danes males” you’ll find a representation of the pedigrees of each of our Great Danes. All our black Great Danes, Great Danes harlequins, fawn Great Danes and Geat brinddles Danes are available for projection. You can also visit our page " links to Great Danes” where you will find contact informations of other stockbreeders of Great Danes in France, but also stockbreeders of Great Danes in Europe and stockbreeders of Great Danes worldwide.

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